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„A fundamental human weakness is that one does not predict a storm during nice weather. ”


SALUBRA offering is based mainly on outpatient medical care.


SALUBRA provides medical treatment within the scope of partner healthcare facilities that together make up the SALUBRA CONTRACTUAL NETWORK


SALUBRA's overall offering of services includes a complete spectrum including preventive examinations, hospitalization, care for the chronically ill, and spa stays including special spa fitness training programmes.


SALUBRA s.r.o. provides its clients treatment and preventive care in a complete spectrum of 29 areas of medicine.


SALUBRA's medical car includes the following areas: allergies, biochemistry, vascular, diabetes, gastroenterology, gynaecology, surgery, immunology, internal medicine, cardiology, speech pathology, medical rehabilitation, mammary consulting, neurology, eyes, otorhinolaryngology, orthopaedics, pediatrics, pneumology, general practitioner, psychiatry, X-ray and sonography, sexology, sports medicine, dentistry, urology, dental hygiene.


The SALUBRA Line provides an informational connection between the client and doctors over a single phone number, 232 001 001. After the client calls, this healthcare dispatch organizes doctors' calls, patient transport, priority appointments for examination, and drug delivery.