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„A fundamental human weakness is that one does not predict a storm during nice weather. ”


SALUBRA's main goal is to provide not only high-quality treatment and preventive care, but primarily to make contact with healthcare more pleasant and easy for its clients


SALUBRA s.r.o. provides its clients treatment and preventive care in a complete spectrum of 29 areas of medicine.

It provides outpatient preventive care pursuant to  Employee Health Services throughout the Czech Republic..

Over 29,000 registered clients use SALUBRA above-standard and preventive care.

SALUBRA s.r.o. is a contractual partner of health insurance companies.


Right from the company's founding in 1999, our primary goal was to create a maximally friendly healthcare system for patients, one that is based above all on a partnership between be patient and the doctor, on good and open communication between the patient and the doctor or nurse, and to provide the greatest possible comfort and convenience when it comes to healthcare. We keep this in mind when selecting not only our full-time doctors and nurses, but also our contractual doctors, who are part of a sophisticated and integrated network of assisting healthcare facilities. The interior of SALUBRA's clinics is also chosen to emphasize a feeling of well-being and relaxation.