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„A fundamental human weakness is that one does not predict a storm during nice weather. ”


SALUBRA's General Practitioners provide primary treatment and preventive care for registered patients, and preventive examinations and assessments within the scope of PLS.


SALUBRA's General Practitioners (GP) pay attention to the influence of heredity and the significance of family and socio-economic relationships for some illnesses, thus fulfilling the role of a family doctor.


The spectrum of GP health services includes:


Treatment: Primary diagnostics and therapy of both infectious and non-infectious diseases, rational antibiotic treatment - determining of the infection is of viral or bacterial origin using CRP measurement, treatment of minor injuries, EKG with curve descriptions, blood pressure checks, sampling of biological material, fecal occult blood testing, complete pre-op testing.


Prevention: regular blood pressure testing, determining cardiovascular risks and monitoring high-risk patients, after two years, prevention with GP is paid by the health insurance company, regular, special, and optional vaccinations (e.g. tetanus, flu, infectious hepatitis A and B, tick-borne encephalitis, meningococcal meningitis, yellow fever, typhus, and similar).


GP administration: assessment of state of health for motor vehicle operation, confirmations for study and sports activities, weapons licence, etc., medical findings for assessment of state of health for purposes of special social security benefits and contributions, administration of certificates for sick leave, proposals for spa treatment, etc.