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„A fundamental human weakness is that one does not predict a storm during nice weather. ”


SALUBRA servis s.r.o. provides its clients services of a non-medical nature related to Occupational Health Service, which are either the employer's responsibility pursuant to applicable legislation, or are important to the employer from the perspective of efficient fulfilment of his legal responsibilities within the scope of OHS. These services are not healthcare activities, which can only be performed by a registered healthcare facility. Functions of SALUBRA servis s.r.o.


1. The SALUBRA servis Info Line - operates a phone line where it answers employees' questions regarding OHS - health checkups, workplace hygiene, employee's legal responsibilities, etc.



2. Organization of appointments - in cooperation with the client's HR department, it organizes employees' checkup appointments.



3. Reservation system - operates a reservation system for preventive OHS checkups so that the client's employees can come for a prearranged appointment and do not waste time in a waiting room.



4. Efficiency of OHS use - ensures maximum utilization of purchased appointments at healthcare facilities providing the client OHS; if an employee cannot make his appointment due to work load or illness, it will try to use the given appointment for another employee while finding a suitable new date and time for the missing employee.



5. Recordkeeping and reporting – if a client employee fails to fulfil legal OHS responsibilities, it will record this fact and inform the client.



6. Application of information regarding changes in job positions in the OHS system – if an employee's job position changes, the client will inform SALUBRA servis, which will reclassify the employee in the OHS system. This classification determines the scope of preventive checkups that SALUBRA servis will assign to relevant healthcare facility  performing OHS checkups for the client.



7. Communication with employees - informs the client's employees of the obligation to undergo preventive OHS checkups ensuing from applicable legislation, and asks them to undergo preventive checkups - via SMS, phone, email.



8. Reminders - repeatedly asks employees who have not come in for their mandatory preventive checkup as per the schedule to undergo a checkup on a substitute date - using SMS, phone, email.



9. Schedule creation - if the client does not yet have a preventive OHS checkup schedule or it has serious systemic flaws, SALUBRA servis will create a preventive OHS checkup repetition system according to job position and risk level corresponding to applicable legislation.



10. Scheduling - creates and maintains a "Preventive Checkup Schedule" for the client..



11. Implementation of hygienic measures - informs the client's employees of the results of hygienic supervision by the OHS provider, and the resulting workplace measures.



12. Training and lectures - the supplier will provide to the client lectures on OHS, preventive health, preventing injuries, use of protective aids, application of hygiene rules in the workplace, etc.