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„A fundamental human weakness is that one does not predict a storm during nice weather. ”


Proctology is a field of medicine dealing with illnesses of the anus: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, fistulas, and anal infections.


Most anal illnesses can be treated on an outpatient basis. Treatment can be surgical or non-surgical. Often both of these methods are used.


Comprehensive treatment of hemorrhoids

- SALUBRA proctology performs complete examinations and treatment of hemorrhoids

- treatments, including all required gastroenterological and pre-operative examinations

- the patient can select from among several treatment methods.



If you find blood in your bowel movement, an endoscopic bowel exam is always required!

Hemorrhoids may camouflage the simultaneous occurrence of early stages of colon cancer.

Failure to undergo a bowel exam may in such a case have fatal consequences.



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