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We offer flu shots at SALUBRA's facilities or on our clients' premises.

The importance of flu shots is indisputableIt will prevent the flu in up to 90 percent of healthy adults. If the vaccinated individual does get the flu, it will be much milder.

The flu shot should be applied prior to the outbreak of an epidemic. October or November are an ideal time for vaccination.

In general, we recommend that employers offer subsidized or free flu shots to their employers, as it is beneficial to all, both from a health and a financial perspective.

Czechs refuse vaccination mainly due to preconceptions. It is impossible for vaccination to cause the disease. There is no need to fear a reaction, as serious side effects are very rare.

Compared to Western countries, the number of vaccinations in the CR is minimal - only around 5 % of the population. For example, in the USA roughly 46 % of the population is vaccinated.

In the Czech Republic, flu shots from various manufacturers are used, with the following commercial names: BEGRIVAC, FLUAD, FLUARIX, IDflu, INFLEXAL V, INFLUVAC, OPTAFLU, PREFLUCEL, VAXIGRIP.